December 1, 2005

It's snowing this morning in Indianapolis. I'm snug in my home; Christmas lights shining, a roof over my head, food on the table, a healthy family.

Last month I mailed the first Kitchen Sink Tiara to a woman in Louisiana who, thankfully,still has her family, but who lost everything else in Hurricane Katrina. She told me " The little things, right now, mean so much....It is the kindness of friends, family and strangers that is helping us to get through this nightmare."

I am determined to see that each tiara created for this project is delivered to a woman who lost everything. In addition to the money raised by this effort, we can offer the women of the Gulf Coast a tangible reminder that other people cared as they make their way to recovery from this disaster. Hopefully a Kitchen Sink Tiara will one day hang over each new sink in the South.

When you gather with family and friends this holiday, please consider throwing a tiara making party. Your supplies can be as simple as pipe cleaners and tinfoil. Check http://www.KitchenSinkTiara.com for lots of ideas.

Or if you are suffering from 'tiara block' you can still take part in the project by simply writing a check. I, or one of my elves, will make a tiara in your name.

While you're at the website be sure to visit the gallery for inspiration!

Happy Holidays,
Janet Carija Brandt



A tiara workshop, Jane is wearing a 'Snow Queen Tiara' as she works on a 'Sun Queen Tiara'



Dear Friends,

This Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 is 'Make A Difference Day". If you are looking for an opportunity to participate try making a tiara. Go to www.KitchenSinkTiara.com and you will find patterns and instructions for several different types of tiaras. Be sure to visit the gallery to be inspired by the beautiful tiaras already completed. Remember 100% of the money raised from this project goes to the American Red Cross to help women put their lives back together after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Make a 'Regal' difference this Saturday!

Janet Brandt


SEPTEMBER 23, 2005

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your wonderful support! I have heard from thoughtful, concerned and creative people from all over the country. I can almost hear the collective creative wheels turn as tiaras are being dreamt up and put together.

I had hoped that maybe by tomorrow, the 24th of September, I would receive the first tiara but 3 have arrived already!, with many more now in the mail and on their way.

With Hurricane Rita rapidly approaching another stretch of the Gulf Coast the need for help will be more urgent then ever. Go to the Gallery page,get inspired, and help every homeless family once again know the joy of a sink full of dirty dishes!

Hope to see your tiara soon!

Janet Brandt













©Janet Carija brandt 2005