Make a small paper label and attach to your tiara. Be sure to include your name and address and email address. You may also add a message if you like.

The tiara must fit inside a 1 gallon ziptop plastic bag. Please enclosed your tiara in a 1 gallon plastic bag before sending.

Each tiara must be accompanied by it's own $20 check. Tiaras sent without a check will not be returned and will not be included in the project.

Make checks out to: Habitat For Humanity Katrina Relief Fund

Mail tiara and check to:

Janet Brandt

2136 Silver Lane Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46203

*By submitting your tiara you are authorizing "The Kitchen Sink Tiara Project", Janet Carija Brandt, and Project Sponsors, to publish or exhibit your tiara in upcoming publications, exhibits or on promotional materials. Janet Carija Brandt, "The Kitchen Sink Tiara Project" and the Project Sponsors will not be held responsible for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond our control.


An easy way to make your own tiara is to start with a basic drugstore headband.

Embellish with paper, beads, fabric,wire or any material you have available to work with.


Don't forget about aluminum foil, buttons, newspapers, shopping bags, rhinestones, old earrings, Christmas decorations, tiny toys, ribbon,yarn, color paper, pipe cleaners......

Visit the hardware store, scrapbooking store, craft or sewing store, bead shop, grocery, discount store......

Play with wire, paste, glue, paint, tape, needle and thread, soldering iron, glue gun, pliers, scissors.....


Plan a tiara making party. Enlist family and friends that might not be interested in making their own tiara and let them sponsor one of your creations instead. Go ahead and list both the sponsor's name and the tiara maker's name on the tag.


Click here for pattern.

Piece little bits of cotton into a regal tiara top. With right sides together stitch the tiara top to a tiara backing fabric, leaving a small opening to turn at the lower edge.

Turn right sides out.

Make a casing along the lower edge to fit your headband. Embellish with beads. Slip onto headband.

Front view of pop-up paper tiaraSide view of pop-up paper tiara









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